Grounding Willows Yoga   



                                  What's aerial?  

Take your practice to new heights! In these classes students are safely suspended from the ceiling in aerial hammocks. Students will experience deep stretches, tone muscles, build core strength and fly

Types of aerial classes available for private sessions:

restorative yin, prenatal, beginners,  advanced and kids aerial 

Aerial Barre-

Combining aerial yoga and barre into one, this class will have you leaving feeling strong, accomplished and beautiful. This class focuses on toning, strengthening, improving posture and finding grace. 


Your experience of being pregnant and giving birth will involve great physical and emotional changes and knowing how to use and adapt yoga techniques to breath, move, and relax.

Continue your practice after your sweet blessing arrives and create a special loving mommy & me practice together on the mat with fun sensory play for baby while strengthening and regaining your core and muscles tone.  


Yoga which link breath and movement through a series of poses that balance, strengthen and provide flexibility all while bringing mindfulness to your body and breath through a continuous flow.


With the use of props this yoga helps you achieve physical and mental relaxation. This class is very gentle and slow paced and designed to relax and restore the nervous system. 


Change your workout a little bit and strap up to jump, fly and dance to the beat. In these classes students are safely suspended from the ceiling but still grounded using a harness and bungee cord. 

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